Will the Beer Snake Return to DC?


The XFL is back! Will the beer snake return?

I hope so. The beer snake was a staple at Audi Field during the XFL’s short lived 2020 reboot. It’s too bad the season was cut short by Covid, and ultimately the league declared bankruptcy stopping what could’ve been a really special season. The on-field play was pretty exciting with the “new” (and sensible) rules and pace-of-play, serving notice to all that this wasn’t going to be just another flop football league.

And with it came new traditions…

I’m not talking about end zone dances, mic’d quarterbacks, sideline interviews during the game, kickers who missed crucial FGs being grilled on live TV seconds after missing one, or even the rad branding (the logos and color schemes were awesome)… I’m talking about the BEER SNAKE!

Getty Images / Scott Taetsch

The beer snake record, if we’re going to count 2020, still stands at 1,237 cups, according to The Washingtonian.


Shields up!! See you at Audi Field!

Oh… for the record. The longest-ever beer snake was created during a cricket match in Australia back in 2013. It was purported to be between 100 and 175 meters long. No idea how many cups that is.

UPDATE: THE BEER SNAKE IS BANNED! Absolutely incredulous.

Lemons were tossed on the field, but then this happened:

Yo, Dwayne Johnson! Wanna’ explain this?




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