Baseball Doesn’t Require Your Attention (Kinda’)

Baseball is a sport that allows one to multitask their day. You can put it on in the background and get a lot of other things done while the game goes on.

I’m not saying it doesn’t command one’s close attention or that it’s boring to watch. I’m saying this. The pace of play isn’t as fervent and commanding of one’s close attention as football or hockey.

Baseball isn’t about winning or losing either. What’s that you say? The games are meaningless?

No. It’s something different.

It’s about hanging out with a buddy or two and drinking a few beers. At least when it comes to a live outing. Sure, when your team wins it’s great. And when they lose? Meh… get ‘em next time. There’s 161 games to go!

Yeah, lots of games and lots of opportunities to improve (or blow it) as the season promenades calmly from Spring to Fall.

That sums up the better part of the regular season, anyway. On the other hand, when your team finds itself in the midst of an exciting playoff race — all bets are off! Baseball becomes serious! A visit to the ballpark isn’t just a social outing any more than it was a fun drinking session. It’s become linear, suddenly, where a single play could devastate or save an entire season. A single hit. A walk-off. All of it matters! And get ‘em next time isn’t an option! Baseball in its singularity flows uniquely.

That’s what I love about it.

So here’s to another long buildup to October… or is it November now?

Go, O’s!


Any (tH)Oughts?

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