Football Season Arrives Despite Baseballer’s Protest

Football season is here and, once again, I’m indifferent about the change of seasons. That’s right. Summer’s over. The Orioles aren’t seriously contending for a playoff push, and I need a temporary break from the emotional roller coaster of the baseball season that I shouldn’t be on in the first place.

Temporary break.

Just as the cat scratches faces, I’ll be excited once again for baseball in due time. I’ll say two or three days tops. Will the Padres go deep? Are the Yankees and Dodgers for real? Will the Pirates ever contend? It doesn’t matter what I think because, as a spectator, I’m limited to feeling what I can control. My emotions. That’s it. I’m not pitching. Not batting. Not playing defense. Nothing. I get to watch TV like most people, and I’ve always been OK with that.

Anyhow… the O’s ain’t mathematically out of it. Neither the Twins or White Sox get to call it a day yet, either. And that’s alright with me.


Doesn’t matter why. The playoffs are coming, the weather’s changing, and life will be life no matter what happens.

Any (tH)Oughts?

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