300 YouTube Subscribers!

Break out the champagne. It’s time to celebrate!

We just recently surpassed 300 subs on YouTube!

I started the channel about a decade ago and could never figure out how to get people to watch. Then it dawned on me. Maybe my videos were terrible? And they were. So, I decided to do something about it and began making videos about stuff I liked. Music, tech, passion to share knowledge, etc. No more random videos with no context.

It seems to be working! Because over the past few months I went from having a few dozen subscribers, including bots, to over 300 and growing.

So… if you’re interested in learning about music production, I got you. If you’re into music, I got you. If you’re into tech reviews, I got you. If you’re into computer troubleshooting, I got you (sometimes).

Please, if you’ve wanted to support all the crazy stuff I do (I know a lot of you do because I love ya and you’ve told me so!!), a really easy way to do that is to subscribe to my channel!


Yes! That link! The one above this sentence. Click it. Hit the Subscribe button and the bell notification button to stay in the loop.


Here’s one of my videos. Here, I review a really cool VST for your MIDI Synth called Movement by Output (the same company behind ARCADE).

Quality content from my YouTube channel.

Sooo… hit the link below and SUBSCRIBE! Woohoooo!!


OK. Enough with the annoying links. But I dare ya’ to press one of them and SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel!

Thank you!! See ya’ on the screen!

Any (tH)Oughts?

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