Phil Tippett Passion Project ‘Mad God’ Is Here

Mad God is a stop motion-live-action hybrid horror film written, produced, and directed by Phil Tippett (Star Wars, Jurassic Park). Completed in 2021, the film was produced over a period of thirty years. It was recently released on Shudder.

I sat in front of my computer screen for, I don’t know how long, trying to think of ways to describe Mad God. I have failed. Anything I say just wouldn’t be good enough nor be able to describe what I just saw, and I get the feeling Phil Tippett intended such. It’s dark, macabre, creepy, funny… an intriguing work of art that left me wondering, “what the hell’d I just watch?”

A real work of art.

There’s zombies, gnomes, caged monkeys, nuclear explosions, creaky old military vehicles, fire, weird gas masks, silly music, serious music, a lumpy face character, stupid monsters that beat each other with shovels, tortured souls, decrepit bunkers; it’s a cavalcade of shadowy mischief and fun.

It’s one thing to critique a movie for its corporate masterpiece appeal. But this ain’t it. Mad God is clearly a passion project and nothing anyone says about it is going to change the trajectory it takes. The kind a real genius sits on for years while working the day job to pay the bills.

Just watch it! But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what others are saying about Mad God:

Here’s a screenshot taken at the Shudder reviews section.

One more tweet…

Not sure if I’d describe Phil Tippett a “deranged weirdo,” but I get the tweeter’s point.

Still not convinced? Check out the Official Shudder trailer for Mad God:

Mad God – Official Trailer

Any (tH)Oughts?

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