Baltimore Orioles ‘Will Never Leave’, according to CEO

In the middle of a lawsuit among members of the Angelos family, Orioles chairman and CEO John Angelos issued a statement Monday morning asserting that the club “will never leave” Baltimore.

The statement comes days after reports that include infighting over control of the Baltimore Orioles.

Fans across the world, including myself, suspected the worst. We remember 1983 all too well. Would the Orioles do the same?

Nothing surprises me in this day and age.

Would the Angelos family really sell the O’s? Would the sale give the new owner a window of opportunity to move?

Nothing would surprise me.

But alas, John Angelos pens a message to address our concerns. No cameras. No press conference. No facing the public. Just a very long Tweet.

”Since I was appointed Chairman and CEO according to my parents’ expressed wishes, and voted as the control person for the team by the 30 Major League Clubs, I have taken significant steps to ensure that our beloved franchise’s future remains in Charm City,” Angelos wrote in the statement that dropped the morning after thousands of Paul McCartney fans attended only the second full-fledged concert in Camden Yards’ history.”

”Just two months ago we celebrated the Maryland General Assembly passing a bill promising to put $1.2 billion into reinvesting and reimagining the Camden Yards Sports Complex, which includes Oriole Park, ensuring the team will continue to play right here in downtown Baltimore for generations to come. Maryland is committed to keeping our team in this great state, and I am equally committed to keeping the Orioles at the heart of our state,” the statement reads.

I’ll take it. For now I’ll even accept it.

Go O’s!!

Any (tH)Oughts?

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