Baltimore Orioles Could Be Moving, According To Lawsuit

The two sons of longtime Baltimore Orioles owner Peter Angelos are fighting over the future of the baseball team, their father’s law firm and the family fortune, according to an explosive lawsuit.

Louis Angelos, 52, sued his brother and mother in Baltimore County Circuit Court. He claims his father intended for the two brothers to control the team equally, but that John, 54, of Nashville, has grabbed power.

“John intends to maintain absolute control over the Orioles — to manage, to sell, or, if he chooses, to move to Tennessee (where he has a home and where his wife’s career is headquartered) — without having to answer to anyone,” according to the lawsuit.

Peter Angelos collapsed in October 2017, and the brothers have since been struggling for power over the Orioles.

John is listed as the sole Executive, according to Major League Baseball, with no mention of Louis.

The lawsuit also reveals that Peter Angelo’s’ wife, Georgia, has made selling the team a top priority.

She also claims that John Angelos forced out former star centerfielder and Orioles Hall of Famer Brady Anderson from his front office role, because he “presented a threat.”

“John unilaterally and without consultation ordered General Manager Michael Elias to fire Anderson,” the lawsuit says.

In addition, the lawsuit alleges John “fired long-time employees who would not play ball and surrounded himself with yes-men.”

While the lawsuit speculates that John Angelos might want to move the team, there are no allegations that he took any such steps. John Angelos has said the team would not be moving. “As long as Fort McHenry is watching over the harbor, the Orioles will be in Baltimore,” John Angelos told Baltimore Magazine in 2019.

But then again, with new revelations coming to the forefront, it’s going to be hard for the Orioles to convince anyone otherwise.

Maybe John is planning a way to move Fort McHenry to Nashville, too?

Any (tH)Oughts?

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