Quick ‘n’ Cheap Breakfast: Air Fryer Potatoes Hash & Eggs

Super easy breakfast idea! Well, you can have breakfast whenever. Have at it!

Air Fryer potatoes, corned beef hash, and eggs.

It’s always better from the air fryer

Simple setup

  • 2 Cubed Russet Potatoes
  • 1 Can Corned Beef Hash
  • 2 Over Medium Eggs

Season the potatoes to taste. I use a combination of Old Bay and Italian seasonings. Place in air fryer and spray with olive oil. Set timer for 15-minutes.

Cook corned beef hash in a non-stick skillet until outer layer becomes crispy.

I’m not gonna’ tell you how to do your eggs. I like mine over medium.

Boom! Serve and enjoy!

Any (tH)Oughts?

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