My Baseball Diary by James T. Farrell

James T. Farrell’s book My Baseball Diary is considered among the best of the 20th century. Like ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentary series, Farrell’s essays on baseball make great reading for anyone who loves great writing.

My Baseball Diary

Farrell brings us into his world. It’s the roaring twenties (and a few years prior); Ruth, Gehrig, Cobb and other baseball greats are here. Farrell saw them all and later met many of them as a writer .

Baseball is a game of statistics and poetry. Farrell in avoiding the mathematics part purely and eloquently wrote about his love of the game.

Back when it was called hardball

This book is an important piece of baseball history and an American sports writing classic. It’s available for the first time as an affordable, well-formatted book for e-readers like Kindle and iBook. Check out my brief review found below from Goodreads, and trust me when I tell ya’, READ THIS BOOK.

“Amazing account of baseball obsession from a guy who grew up in Chicago, who witnessed the likes of Ty Cobb and the 1919 Black Sox, among others. I especially appreciate the author’s illuminating words when describing a visit to the baseball hall of fame and his tales of being a kid from the sandlots of Washington Park. Highly recommended reading for anyone wanting to feel the nostalgia of childhood or for anyone looking for a great baseball stories that focus on innocence and the human element.”

Any (tH)Oughts?

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