Ulanzi 1.33XT Anamorphic Lens | Unboxing and First Look!

Ever wondered how to get that Hollywood look in your videos? An anamorphic lens is a good start.

Check out Jimmy Flame’s unboxing and review of the Ulanzi 1.33XT Anamorphic Lens below:

The Ulanzi 1.33 XT Anamorphic Lens is the holy grail of filmmaking. Anamorphic lenses are typically an incredibly expensive proposition for filmmakers. That is until now, thanks to Ulanzi.

Sweet horizontal flares and that wide screen, letterboxes look. Ulanzi’s 1.33XT design brings the organic texture and character usually found only on the big screen to your phone’s camera. Yes, I said your phone’s camera.

The Ulanzi 1.33XT Anamorphic Lens works in conjunction with the Filmic Pro Camera App (because you need to use it with a program that can desqueeze the image).

Let’s see your movies!

Any (tH)Oughts?

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