Shirtless headbanger rocks out with American flag during Hurricane Hanna

It doesn’t get much more metal than this.

An extremely dedicated headbanger was recorded rocking out on a windswept dock during the middle of Hurricane Hanna over the weekend.

Video taken from Rockport Beach in Texas shows the unnamed man’s long hair getting blown furiously in the nearly 100-mph wind, as waves lap up onto his feet.

Shirtless, he braces himself against the gusts of wind while resolutely holding up the American flag. Metal licks play in the background.

The extreme weather-turned-music video was filmed by Texas man John Flu on July 25. No word on whether he was inspired by “Rock You Like a Hurricane,” the 1984 metal classic by the German band Scorpions.

But this storm wasn’t one to mess with. As the first major hurricane of the season, it brought rain, wind and destruction to Mexico and south Texas.

In the Lone Star State, Hanna dropped as much as 15 inches of rain. In Mexico, several residents died as a result of the storm.

Flooding and power outages hit the area, even as Hanna was downgraded to a tropical storm — all during a pandemic, to boot. Some COVID-19 patients had to be airlifted to safety from hospitals in the region. Gov. Greg Abbott said over the weekend that some people displaced by the weather would be given hotel rooms to keep them apart from others.

But like the Rockport rocker, others tried to make the most out of a bad situation: One Texas family was filmed towing a pool floaty down a flooded street.

In the clip posted to Twitter by user @wizardofozma, a red pickup casually makes its way down the water-filled residential street in Edinburg as three girls ride lazily along in the giant, yellow duck-turned-boat tethered to the back of the truck.

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