‘80s Action Film Chuck Blade Begins Filming

The crazy mofos at Fuzzy Monkey Films are set to begin filming the highly anticipated ‘80s Action/Kung Fu bloodfest Chuck Blade at an undisclosed location in West Virginia.

Jimmy Flame cast as Chuck Blade

Inspired by the action movies we all grew up with, Chuck Blade aims to join the ranks of ‘80s action lore — Delta Force, Rambo, American Ninja and the list goes on. The inspiration behind Blade’s character is “a combination of Chuck Norris, Billy Blanks and Roddy Piper,” according to Jimmy Flame (Wrestlemassacre), who plays the role of our hero.

Pro-Wrestler and up-and-coming actor Maxx Morrison (Deathboard) will be making his action film debut as well. Fuzzy Monkey is keeping it hush-hush for now about his participation other than “Maxx’s character plays a major role in this film. Yes, he’s a bad guy.

Actress Julie Prescott (Axegrinder 2, Clown Motel) joins the cast as Chuck Blade’s ass kicking wife. A full cast announcement is coming soon.

No other information is available at this time. For now, enjoy this PSA that was filmed months ago featuring Chuck Blade.

Fuzzy Monkey Films presents: CHUCK BLADE

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