[SHOCKING] Behind the Scenes: Frightvision

Have you ever wondered how horror films are made?

Spoiler alert: Horror films are made the same way as any other film except with more theater blood. Lots more theater blood.

Fuzzy Monkey Films leaked a video recently lifted from the set of Frightvision that shows how Director Brad Twigg constructs his trademark blood splatter — or should we say tidal wave? — as seen in iconic films like Wrestlemassacre.

Brutal! Be sure to check out Frightvision — described as “a horror anthology like Creepshow” — when it releases later this year.


Starring Julie Anne Prescott (The Lost Girls, Tales From The Campfire 3), Rebecca Rinehart (Faces Of The Dead), Jimmy Flame (Wrestlemassacre, Deathboard), Daniel Brooks and Maxx Morrison (Deathboard).

Fuzzy Monkey Films

Blood FX by Daniel Brooks and Roman Ricci

Cinematography by Chip Rittenhouse

Directed by Brad Twigg

Any (tH)Oughts?

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