Podcast: The Stick

(tH)inkSlinger presents: The Stick hosted by Jimmy Flame.

The Stick launched in 2020 on the coattails of Jimmy Flame’s highly successful podcast The Big Game James Show, which began in a little radio station in New Orleans back in 2012 while Flame was studying at Loyola University. Big Game James covered myriad sporting subjects, from baseball history to the invention of the catcher’s mask. He also became the first broadcaster to air live play-by-play of a professional wrestling event since the 1950s.

Continuing with a baseball theme, Flame launched a new podcast, a more stripped down version of The BGJ Show, and aptly named it The Stick. Check it out below and subscribe!

Ep 10 Dodgers Win! Thanks To Blundering Statistics The Stick

The Dodgers first World series victory since 1988 brings up a lot of questions. The game has changed since Gibson's HR thanks to advancements in statistical analysis. But is this good for baseball? Jimmy Flame opines on this episode of The Stick! — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/jimmyflame77/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/jimmyflame77/support
  1. Ep 10 Dodgers Win! Thanks To Blundering Statistics
  2. Ep. 9 Player Profile: Cesar Cedeno
  3. Ep. 8 Player Profile: "Wee Willie" Keeler
  4. Ep. 7 Remember The Blast: Andy Oyler's Famous Home Run

The Stick is also available on all your favorite podcast platforms. Click this link to see a list.

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