Podcast: Lunch With Legends

Lew Stowers talks with Legends of Sports, Entertainment and in the Community.

The concept is simple and very enjoyable to listen to. Lew Stowers sets a lunch date with a living legend and then shows up with a recording device! Sometimes armed with an audio device, others a camera to capture the sights as well as the sounds. The end product is an amazing podcast you should add to your collection.

Check it out here.

Handsome Ransom Jackson, Major League Infielder, College Football Star Lunch With Legends

Randy Jackson played with the likes of Hodges, Campanella and Jackie Robinson in an era that will never be duplicated.  Jackson penned these stories in his auto biography, "Handsome Ransom Jackson: Accidental Major Leaguer.  And, are we lucky he did!  Listen to this episode of Lunch With Legends to get to know one of the nicest, folksy people I've ever met.  Thanks, Ruth Ruiz! — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/Lunch-With-Legends/message
  1. Handsome Ransom Jackson, Major League Infielder, College Football Star
  2. Serial entrepreneur John Cerasani
  3. Damon Hack, NBC Sports & Golf Channel Anchor & Host
  4. Lew Guests On The Bruce Cook Conversation Radio Show
  5. Dave Frost, Angel Pitcher, 10-23-2021

Lunch With Legends is available through your favorite podcast provider. CLICK HERE for full listings.

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