Highly Anticipated PS5 Revealed

Yo! The fine folks at Sony have finally revealed the highly anticipated PS5!

The new PS5

No. The new PS5 design wasn’t lifted from TRON; but it does look as cool and sleek as anything from that movie.

Sony hasn’t said much about the system, including an exact release date, other than there will be two versions: one with a digital tray (CD/Blu Ray); and an all-digital version. The all-digital version will be presumably less expensive, downloadable content only.

I wonder if they’ll do a Pro version or something similar like they did with the PS4? Anyhoo…

Plenty of accessories to enhance user experience.

Sony’s PS5 will come with a wireless controller, controller dock, headphones and media controller.

Now that’s a sweet looking machine! Rumor has it GTA V will be among the first released games for the new system.

Definitely looking forward to this!

Any (tH)Oughts?

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