Honus Wagner MLB The Show 20 Rookie Card

One of the most valuable rookie baseball cards in the history of sports belongs to Honus Wagner, valued at just over $1M (USD). However, a virtual rookie card is now available through the new Honus Wagner MLB The Show 20 Player Program.

Honus Wagner dons a Louisville Bats uni.

With his MLB The Show 20 rookie card, Wagner’s attributes include 100 Contact Left, 95 Contact Right, 104 Vision, 99 Bunting, a blazing 96 Speed and 78 Stealing, 80 Arm Strength, and 66 Fielding. The hitting star is Diamond Rated and Quirks include Hitting Machine, Pressure Cooker, and Speedster.

The Honus Wagner Rookie Card is not for sale in MLB The Show 20, but rather it can be earned by completing tasks in the game’s 4th Inning Program. Some of the tasks include completing Moments that highlight the legend’s early playing career. Moments include playing in the 1909 World Series! Each Moment completed adds a certain number of points to your 4th Inning total. It takes 50 points total to unlock Honus Wagner.

The best part about the Moments feature in MLB The Show 20 in my opinion is that by playing through them the user not only immerses themself into the game but also learns about baseball history as they progress.

There are also Missions for the Honus Wagner Program to earn points towards rewards. Rewards include the usual suspects, such as Topps Player Packs, et al. Missions, in case you don’t know, are specific in-game tasks you need to complete using certain position players or teams. Here’s a look at a few:

  • Tally 10 Hits w/ Centerfielders
  • Tally Extra Base Hits w/ Pirates
  • Exchange Outfielders

You’ll earn rewards along the way as you rack up points that go toward unlocking the card. Once unlocked, Honus Wagner becomes available to your Diamond Dynasty team.

The best part though? You don’t have to fork over $1M to own a Honus Wagner rookie card.

Any (tH)Oughts?

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