Super Simple Air Fryer Wings

Air fryers are awesome. Wings are awesomer. Just made that word up. Anyhow, air fryers and wings are a match made in heaven; and if you haven’t annihilated a plate of your own yet, I don’t know what to tell you. Wings are simple to make and air fryers are easy to use. So check out my ultra simple recipe and enjoy!

Super Simple Air Fryer Wings

  • 10 Medium Thawed Wings
  • Bacon Wing Sauce

That’s it. No, really. That’s all you need. The air fryer does almost everything for you. Preheat air fryer to 400 degrees. Put wings in basket. Air fry for 23 minutes. Turn wings about halfway through. When wings are done place them in a bowl and toss with bacon wing sauce. Boom!

Lip smackin’ delicious!

I have a confession. The real reason for this article is I wanted to show off a picture my wings. Don’t they look delicious? But seriously. Making wings in an air fryer is way too easy. Do it and share your recipe (and pictures) with me!

Took approximately 2 minutes to consume.

What’s your favorite wing recipe? Let me know in the comments because I’m running out of ideas and could use some help!

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