Is ‘Swole Daddy’ The Greatest Mascot Ever?

SB Nation wrote about NC Dino’s “swole” mascot and Google thought it was its actual name. Seriously, Google it. Pun clearly intended. I for one love it when mistakes become genius inventions and Swole Daddy is here to stay, thanks to one of those mistakes.

But I wanted to go a little further for the necklace wearing seven-foot brontosaurus. So in turn I posed this question to a few folks recently, and listened to their answers carefully.

Is Swole Daddy the greatest mascot ever?

“No. The Oriole Bird exists already,” said one person.

Actually, that person was me. But it didn’t stop me from going down that rabbit hole; or should I say, dino canyon? I’m here all week! So the short answer is…

YES. At least if you’ve been following the Tweets.

Savior of baseball? Possibly. Greatest baseball mascot ever? Hmmm… still not 100% convinced.

Just when you thought it was all about being large and in charge, Swole Daddy and close pal Dendi (the T-Rex) bring a little social awareness to the equation and totally knock it out of the park! Yes, they’re wearing Covid-19 masks.

I dunno y’all. The more I learn about the lovable brontosaurus the more I believe a rumble between MLB mascots and those serving in the KBO wouldn’t end well for Major League Baseball. But then again, I’m pretty sure they’d just hug it out and would compliment each other for being so cool!

Anyhoo… my conclusion. Def a top-5, and certainly worthy of a FanDuel retweet (see below). I implore you to do the same.

In closing, I really hope ESPN continues a relationship with KBO, to continue bringing their brand of baseball and entertainment to the States. I love this league!

Any (tH)Oughts?

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