Short Film Project

(tH)inkSlinger Media is hosting a new festival of sorts called Short Film Project.

We want to see your shorts! Films running ten minutes or less in length are welcome. Films featuring no more than one actor are strongly encouraged to apply.

The idea behind this project is to encourage filmmakers to create something from their homes using the bare necessities. Selected films will be streamed on this site ( through a special YouTube stream, and that stream will go live upon reception of sufficient entries.

Entry fee: there is no entry fee. We just want to see your work and help showcase it. Speaking of showcasing… submission is non-exclusive. Meaning, we don’t own or assume to own your work. (tH)inkSlinger Media also produces films via House Of Fire Productions, and we know how cool it feels when someone appreciates your work.

Get those films submitted! Please forward YouTube, Dropbox or Google Drive links — not files — to

This is an ongoing project, so no deadlines. However, we strongly encourage submission on a sooner than later basis.

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