(tH)InkSlinger Media Screams Bloody Murder

(tH)InkSlinger Media wants horror fans screaming again; Vincent Price featured on new show.

NEW ORLEANS — The publishers of this fine website announced on Sunday plans to launch a new radio show called, Scream Radio, hosted by Jimmy Flame. It will feature reruns of horror and suspense shows dating from radio’s Golden Era and more, according to a press release. Wait. This is the press release!

Vincent Price pictured with producer Roger Corman.

Legendary rock ‘n’ superstar and former professional wrestler, Jimmy Flame will host the show, and his enthusiasm to do it is, let’s just say, expectedly over the top.

“Yeah! I love screamin’, everybody loves screamin’, and my momma’ told me she was gonna’ give me a reason to scream one day, and this is it,” exclaims Flame. “You know that I know that rock ‘n’ roll ain’t nothin’ without noise. Well guess what? Old school horror ain’t nothin’ without noise, just like rock ‘n’ roll and rasslin’, so tune in, turn out the lights, and let Jimmy Flame lead the way! OowWw!!”

The stream is up and running, according to James Thomas, Publisher of (tH)InkSlinger Media. You can access the show on-demand by visiting The Horror Pit at http://www.spreaker.com/show/the-horror-pit

A deal with iHeart Radio is in the works to include Scream Radio, hosted by Jimmy Flame, alongside The Big Game James Show, which is already available through the network, on-demand.

The new show is set to launch initially on Spreaker’s platform Sunday night.

Fear. It’s all in your mind. Muah-ha-ha-ha-haaaaaa!!!

For a full lineup, visit http://www.spreaker.com/show/the-horror-pit

Got a show idea? Leave comments below. We read them, oh yes we do!

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