Seattle Documentarian Issues ‘Call To Arms’

These warriors were scarred in ways different from other wars: they carried images, emblazened with color upon their skin for the rest of their days.  


SEATTLE — Locked Rock Media announced Tuesday that pre-production has officially begun on a documentary titled, On The Arms of Greatness.

On the Arms Of Greatness is a multimedia project intended to document the images and stories behind military tattoos from World War II through Vietnam.

The film’s producer, Chas Roberts (, has ambitious plans to travel the US for a month so he can capture the stories with video, photographs and audio.

“From the moment the participants of World War II came home, we knew something was different. These warriors were scarred in ways different from other wars,” Roberts says. “They carried images, emblazoned with color upon their skin for the rest of their days.”

And Roberts wants to capture their stories.

Locked Rock Media is in the fundraising and planning stage. There is a GoFundMe campaign set up at

Roberts is concerned that History might be deprived of something important. He explains, “[as] the valley between the great wars and the present day is filled with years, we lose more and more of these heroes. As we lose these heroes, we also lose the colors of their memories.”

The film’s goal, according to a company press release, “is to capture, catalog and share” documented memories not just with the world, but with future generations as well.

Roberts adds, “this project is about how we can help the veterans of modern wars. We have an opportunity to show them how scars fade.”

The final project will include a supplemental coffee table book and website to go along with the documentary.

You can follow and like On The Arms of Greatness at Facebook.

Roberts is currently looking for participants in the Seattle, WA area for the first phase of interviews. He plans to include interviewees from other parts of the United States during the film’s second phase.

Interested participants can contact Locked Rock Media at:

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