Phil Jackson To Coach Pelicans? Why not!

NEW ORLEANS — Monty Williams was relieved of his head coaching duties Tuesday after 5 seasons at the helm in New Orleans. This now becomes the most attractive open coaching position in the league, with Denver and Orlando the only other teams currently in need of filling vacancies.


Almost immediately fans around town were buzzing about the available possibilities. Prominent names like Tom Thibodeau and Scott Brooks took center stage. But then one name dropped, and all heck broke loose. Phil Jackson.

Jackson is interested. Well, he hasn’t shown any interest in coaching since making his “clumsy” remarks about the Knicks back in 2012. But he did say one thing later on in the interview that left people wondering of a future return to the NBA: “They don’t fit right together…”

He also said that he wouldn’t coach Orlando because it was too far away from his Montana home.


What if a team came along that did fit right together? What if a young team full of potential All-Stars (and a real one) came along, who play their ball in a city that matches the Zen Master’s personality? Would Jackson be interested? Probably not. But the city of New Orleans does have one unique characteristic; voodoo, and it’s everywhere. In the air, in our blood. And whether or not the combo of Anthony Davis and co., great food and a possible second-line welcome would be enough to lure the 11-time NBA champion, remains to be seen.

Phil! Mr. Jackson, sir! We’ll all pitch in and buy you a private jet so you can come and go as you please to Montana if you sign a deal with the Pelicans!

Laissez les bons contrats rouler!

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