Pete Rose Back in Baseball, Immediately Helps Hitters

Andrew Mccutchen was in a slump and then he called Pete Rose; ‘Hit King’ discusses slump busters during his first week working as an analyst for Fox Sports.

NEW YORK — Baseball’s ‘Hit King,’ Pete Rose made his Fox Sports Live television debut Monday, over two decades after Bud Selig banned him from the game.

Pete Rose knows a thing or two about hitting the baseball. After all, he’s MLB’s all-time leader in hits. That’s why when he gave his phone number to Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen, the 28-year-old took advantage.

During a segment on FOX Sports, Rose told a story about how McCutchen called Rose’s number to ask how to get out of his hitting slump. Rose was happy to help out.

“First of all I told him he’s the best player in the league,” he said. “Second, I said don’t worry about what happened so far, it’s behind you. Worry about tonight.”

Rose added that McCutchen should just have fun and relax. It’s not clear when Rose and McCutchen had the phone call, but the Pirates’ outfielder has improved his play. After having just 14 hits in 72 at-bats in April (.194), he’s been batting .283 in May.

He’s a Keeper!

John Entz, executive producer of FOX Sports, said recently that Rose impressed network officials in an initial meeting, according to a network news release.

“He told great stories, about both the past and present, so we decided to test him on-camera, and he did a really good job for somebody who hasn’t done it a lot,” Entz said in a release. “We all said to each other, as we were watching him, that he was a really compelling, interesting guy to watch on TV.”

Rose made a formal request to Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred to lift his lifetime ban from the sport. He has been banned from baseball since August of 1989. Support for his reinstatement is coming from everywhere, it seems.

Rose is allowed to participate in All-Star Game activities July 14 at Great American Ball Park. This information alone reveals a lot about MLB’s position in terms of full reinstatement — it’s probably going to happen very soon.

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