Baltimore Artist Immortalizes Freddie Gray

A West Baltimore artist makes his statement with a brush, painting a mural around the corner from the site of Freddie Gray’s arrest.

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BALTIMORE (TM) — Huge marches, protests and appeals for action have followed the untimely death of Freddie Gray, the man who died last month after suffering injuries in Baltimore police custody.

Among the diverse responses, a Baltimore City street artist is making his mark with a brush.

Justin Nethercut, who prefers to go by Nether, is painting a mural around the corner from the site of Gray’s arrest. “A lot of my artwork is kind of an outcry for the ignored in the city,” he says.

Last week, he was part of the marches around Baltimore. On Sunday, Nether started work on the mural.

“It was an issue that got to me, and really I wanted to continue to push for justice through my artwork,” he says.

The portrait of Gray is surrounded by civil rights leaders from the 1960s on one side, and family and friends leading the candlelight vigil for Gray on the other. Nether met with Gray’s friends and family to create the concept. His work attempts to show the importance of protest.

Even unfinished, the mural is already an attraction. People stop by to discuss the meaning and take photos.

A woman who gave her name as LaShawn says it really resonates with the neighborhood.

“Even when the cameras are gone, you can still think back on what’s going on and what’s still the issue here,” she says.

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2 thoughts on “Baltimore Artist Immortalizes Freddie Gray

  1. It is good to know there is an artist to paint a mural depicting the plight of the ignored and neglected in Baltimore but couldn’t he have used a more appropriate painting to get his point across? It is not the people who need to be reminded of their plight; they are living it. It is the plight of the leardership in Baltimore City and other cities like it that needs to be painted on the walls. What kind of message do they need? New leadership for Baltimore and better leadership in higher offices to disband the racial tensions and really do something to help the people who cannot help themselves. Same old problem…when will someone do something about this? I do not know the answer to all this but I do know that violence is not the answer!


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