(tH)InkSlinger’s Top 10 Crazy Guitars

Guitars are awesome. You can play them loudly through a Marshall stack, softly without an amp, or just strap one on for instant popularity and cool. But some people just go over the top with them and end up creating some of the craziest instruments ever seen. Here’s our list of 10 crazy guitars compiled in no particular order. Let the debate begin!

10. The Ambidextrous Solo Machine


Indeed we are just as confused as you are. But no list is complete without including this strange, ambidextrous piece of work. We’re pretty sure that this guy plays a lot of solos and totally shows off when he plays — and he should!

9. The Scissor Twin


We bet that whoever plays this guitar really knows how to cut a solo in the studio. It’s not quite “The Shredder,” we’ll get to that, but this one wins in the creativity department.

8. The Super Punk Machine


This is what happens when a young rebel decides to skip engineering school and play in a band instead.

7. Proelium Gladium — The Roman Battle Sword

Metal invasion! We can only imagine the terror, the triumph, and the leads that blaze from this beauty during battle. This isn’t your average crazy guitar, it was built to rock the Roman Coliseum! Hoc telum habemus concidit!

6. Kill ‘Em All

We’re assuming someone at Dean Guitars really loves “Kill ‘Em All,” and why not; it’s one of the best metal albums of all time. What a great tribute to an even greater record! It’s too bad that Metallica turned to feculence after Cliff died.

5. The Weapon of Metal Destruction

The UN is going to have their hands full if too many of these are produced. Sure, it’s a knock off version of the old Machine Gun guitar, but take a closer look and you’ll see what we’re talking about — it’s cocked, locked and ready to rock!

4. The Hexaneck

Screw having to change guitars when you can have all of them on stage at the same time! Ranging from bass to baritone all the way up to standard E tuning, this crazy guitar apparently does it all. Kudos to whoever plays this thing.

3. Michael Angelo’s Shredder

Say what you will about Michael Angelo, but this guy revolutionized shredding in the ’80s. This is perhaps the most cock-rock guitar ever made, and it has earned our #3 spot because of it.

2. Dragon Guitar

This guitar should be displayed on a wall next to a few kitanas but apparently it’s a fully functional instrument. The only feature missing is, it doesn’t shoot any actual fire. Regardless, we give The Dragon our #2 spot.

1. Misa Kitara Digital Guitar

Well, a guitar can’t get much crazier than this, depending on how one defines “crazy.” We’re going to stick with calling it oddly weird and a bit pretentious.

The Misa Kitara is a digital MIDI controller and musical instrument developed in 2011 and discontinued in 2013. It allows for a “guitar player” to produce a synthesized sound using techniques and motions referential to guitar playing. It is built in the shape of an electric guitar, complete with a full twenty-four fret neck. The name comes from the Finnish word for “guitar”.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to debate and leave your suggestions below.

Any (tH)Oughts?

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