Your Momma’ Raised Some Good Boys

smallslingerlogoMy friend, Just Sage posted this story on Facebook. He’s a veteran of the arts, specifically the street arts, and a damn funny guy to boot. A Pike Place Market regular, he’s brought endless smiles and laughter to thousands of Seattle tourists and locals alike disguised under an array of personas, such as Gogle “the Nose,” over the past 20+ years. Earlier today, he posted the following story, and the smile it brought to my face compelled me to pass it on. Love each other, and enjoy.


Gotta love this one: So my Mom’s caregiver and I go to the store for items of my Mother’s request for dinner and such, together we gather the groceries and while in line we separate her items from mine and continue to talk. I hear the cashier say the total amount is over $50 and I turn to look as I was paying first and notice she’s talking to the elderly lady in front of me. This lady is dressed like an old fashioned school teacher about as tall as me and I see her fumbling for her wallet with my groceries now added to her purchase. I tell the cashier to stop the transaction as she got my stuff mixed in with hers and immediately apologize to the woman, she slowly turns with her eyes all huge nodding her head in a yes motion with a smile and sweetly says to me,”Oh I see, a handsome man like you is trying to get a sugar momma to pay for his things!” I turn to Tony and immediately laugh as it’s the last thing I expected her to say. Everyone is laughing and I say how at least we can laugh about it and she smiles at me saying,”At my age just making it to the grocery store and back is always a good day.” She leaves and we pay for our things and depart the store only to find that she’s parked right next to the caregivers vehicle. Noticing she’s struggling with the groceries I offer our help, she gladly accepts it and after placing her cart into the corral she says to us, “Your momma raised some good boys.”

@Just Sage

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